My mission is to provide scientifically sound answers to the question on meaning transfer, for instance: Based on websites, social media, product catalogs, ads or billboards how do decisions to act and buy occur? What communicative codes are effective in what situations, social and cultural settings?

To do this, we decipher your corporate communication, decode the brand code and reveal what is really important to the target group. In this way, we optimise your corporate communications from a new perspective.

Our diagnostic model SemioticCodes® enables well-founded advertising effectiveness analyses for efficient brand controlling and effective brand development, for an objective benchmark and positioning analysis. SemioticCodes® is also a financial control instrument for your marketing budget.

We place great emphasis on having an open communication culture and a good workplace atmosphere, one characterized by mutual respect and tolerance. We perceive ourselves as a learning company, being one that promotes the personal and professional further development of our employees. In this, we recognize the needs of our customers and work closely with them to help them to achieve their objectives.

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